Phase equilibria of Ce-Te-Pb system at 1023K

G.J Zhou *, Y. Luo

 The isothermal section of the Ce-Te-Pb ternary system at 1023K has been investigated by means of diffusion triple together with electron probe microanalysis technique. Series of tie lines and tie-triangles have been determined and the isothermal section at 1023K has been established:Phase equilibria among the following intermetallic and solid solution phases are described: L12-Pb3(Ce,Te), B2-PbCe, Pb5Te2, -Pb2Si, -Pb2Te(4), Pb3Te2, Pb2CeTe(2), Pb3Ce6Te(3), Pb16CeTe9(5), the fcc solid solution, and the diamond(Te) phase. In addition, a phase, temporarily designated as Pb5(Ce,Te)3 (6), was observed for the first time at both 1023K

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